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Kuleshova Liliya Vladimirovna


Kuleshova Liliya Vladimirovna was born 26th of January 1948 in Zaytsevo Village in Leningrad Region. In 1956 together with her paretnts moved to Chelyabinsk. She began to write poems in her early school age, attended literature association “Scarlet sails”, which head was  the juvenile author -  Preobrazhenskaya L. Ŕ.

In 1970 graduated from Chelyabinsk pedagogical University with the qualification of  «Russian language and literature», worked as a school teacher. Then began working in Academic Library of the South-Ural State University, where at present rules the department of  cultural and educational work with students.

Liliya Vladimirovna is permanent organizer and leader of the literature association «Parnassus of Students», created in SUSU under the Center of leisure and art in  1999.  Drew up and edited the almanac of students’ creative work, regularly organizes workshops, poetic competitions and festivals.

In 1980s attended poetic club «Svetunets» under Chelyabinsk Writers Organization. At the same time appeared her first  publications in newspapers, magazines and in poetic collections: «Svetunets», «Ashberry bunches», «Russian notebook», «May rain» etc.

In 1994 as a member of Chelyabinsk region delegation she was a participant of the 1st  All-Russian Conference of young writers in Moscow, where got the recommendation for entering Union of Writers of Russia. Took part in many creative gatherings and conferences, organized poetry competitions and performances of poets in the South Ural State University, at Bazhovsky Arts Festival, at the Moscow Pushkin festival.

From 1996 to 2002 she worked with the literary public movement "Lily", participated in drawing up their collections and editing of manuscripts, arranged meetings for creative writers.

He is the author of 8 books of poetry and poems, as well as publications in many poetic collections, anthologies and magazines. The main direction of art - love, philosophical and Christian lyrics.

She is the winner of the Moscow Pushkin Art Festival "On a par with the age " in 2004 and awarded a diploma of the laureate of the festival of the Ministry of Education and Science on 19 October 2004 in the category "Poetry."

Member of the Union of Writers of Russia from 1994


Works of Liliya Kuleshova and publications about her


"I am convinced that poetry can heal the soul, if they have light and love"




Kuleshova L.V. Forgiveness Sunday: lyrics . – Chelyabinsk : Čçä-âî ×ĂŇÓ, 1995. – 155 p.

Kuleshova L.V. Savior of the Apple Feast Day: lyrics . - Chelyabinsk : Chelyabinsk Publishers House ďĺ÷ŕňč, 1998. – 175 p.

Kuleshova L.V. Christmas Light: poetic collection – Chelyabinsk : SUSU,  1999. – 175 p.

Kuleshova L.V. memories of Heaven: lyrics . – Chelyabinsk :  SUSU, 2001. – 87 p.

Kuleshova L.V. From candle to candle: lyrics  and poem. – Chelyabinsk :  SUSU, 2001. – 206 ń.: drawings.

Kuleshova L.V. The crown of heaven: a poem about the Holy Royal Martyrs. – Chelyabinsk : Kniga, 2002. – 62 p. : drawings.

Kuleshova L.V. World transfigured: lyrics and poem / L.V. Kuleshova. – Chelyabinsk : SUSU, 2002. – 191 p.

Kuleshova L.V. My joy: poetic collection – Chelyabinsk : Kniga, 2005. – 159 p. : drawings.

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