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Methodic association (MA)
of university libraries of Chelyabinsk region


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24 of December 2009 at 10.00 the Council of Heads of the University Libraries of Chelyabinsk region will take place. The council will be held in SL SUSU in room 217/3d (Head of Library Office). The council will decide on the following questions:

1. University Libraries participation in ARBICON projects;

2. Project discussion «Model standard of performing for the University Library»;

3. Project discussion MA Plan 2010;

4. Current problems.


23 of December 2009 at 15.00 in SL SUSU (room 205/3d) the Section of computerization MA will take place.

               EDD services workers and other interested are invited.

               Section programme:

1. Science citation indeces as one of the  science publication quality estimation instruments. /Gavrilin À.À., SL SUSU.

2. Using the opportunities of ARBICON’s project "Electronic document delivery" in informational user services. /Belyaeva S.À., SL ChSU.

3. Current problems.


16 of October 2009 in the Picture gallery of Chelyabinsk regional art museum the opening of the exhibition of manuscript and early-printed book of XVII-XX cc. named «Wisdom inherited» took place. On the exhibition there were book monuments from Scientific Library of Chelyabinsk State University Library funds. The exhibition is held at the following address: Chelyabinsk, Truda str., 92à from 16 October till 20 November. Opening of the exhibition (pictures)


15 of October 2009 the Council of the heads of University Library Methodical Association of Chelyabinsk region will take place. The council will be held in the main Reading Room of the Scientific Library of Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts. Council programme is: presentation of the «Theatre of Word» n.a. Drobinina Ì., aquaintance with SL ChSACA work order, work trips reports, current problems discussion. The meeting begins at 10.00, room 12(b. 2) SL ChSACA.


Training seminar "Electronic Resources in the school library: formation, promotion” for school staff Chelyabinsk school libraries is held in October 2009 by groups
14 October     group 1,
21 October     group 2,
28 October     group 3.
The seminar will take place in
Electronic Resources Hall SL SUSU at: Chelyabinsk, Lenina ave., 76, Main Building, 1 floor; begins at 9.00. The program includes lectures and practical classes, as well as individual counseling. As a result of training, students will receive certificates. 

17 of June 2009 the meeting of Library informational services section will take place. The question of the meeting is «Modern reference and informational service of the university library ». the meeting begins at 10.00, room 301/3d (conference hall of SL SUSU)


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