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Digital Library SL SUSU


Digital Library SUSU (DL) distributed information system, saving and granting access to mixed collections of electronic documents with the use of global networks of data communications in suitable for the end user form.


DLs main objective formation of structured digital resources according to the educational and scientific programmes of the University and organization of local and remote access to them for the community of the University.

DL SUSU includes collections of electronic documents either as generated be Scientific Library of the University itself, or as purchased by it according to the license agreements with aggregators of the present information resource forms.

DL SUSU includes both independent digital publications and digital counterparts of printed editions.


Access (search and navigation) to the Digital Library is carried out through:

v             Electronic catalogue of SL SUSU for collections, generated by SL SUSU:

            Collections of SUSU scientific papers 

  SUSU academic and methodical guides

  SUSU history related publications

  Regional study related publications

  Dissertation abstracts


v             SUSU digital resources map for  licensed collections, purchased through subscription and  quality network information resources of free access, tested by library specialists.


SUSU Digital Library  is forming and is used strictly in accordance with laws and regulations of Russian Federation and international community.

SUSU SL alerts, that all the documents presented in section of Digital Library preserve copyright. Users are responsible for its adherence.

Basic requirements to digital resources users according  to RF Civil Codex from 18.12.2006 N 230-FL. Part 4.Chapter 70. Copyright, which is put in force from 1st of January 2008:

Reproduction is not allowed:

  • Digital copies of documents, without any agreement of copyright holders or license agreement;
  • Full-text of books and music texts;
  • Databases or its essential parts.

Reproduction allowed:

  • Provision of documents, expressed in digital form on the basis of temporary uncompensated use only within the Library, without any possibility of creating and saving copies of the document in electronic (including digital), optical or other machine-readable form (art. 1274, clause 2);
  • Recording of license databases materials on electronic media;
  • Creation of temporary copies with the purpose of reproduction with the help of technical means; with obligatory printing and destroying of electronic copy;
  • recording documents, created by user (reports, course papers, diplomas, etc.) on electronic media;
  • printing of document fragments and small-scale works from library funds: articles, mass-media materials, abstracts, preprints, etc. (not above 5% of total size, and not more than 15 pages).


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