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      Directions of use the SL SUSU

General requirements for use of the electronic resources:


*      Library provides the right to request, view and select the electronic documents, according with the scientific and educational needs


*       Prohibits to replicate the electronic resources and distribute them for commercial purposes


*        Allow the electronic resources use only for citations in scientific, research, polemical, critical and informational purposes, in the extend justified by the intended purpose


*        Prohibit any use of the licensed materials in such a way, that could lead a breach of copyright, or other proprietary rights


Based on The Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Part 4, all documents, submitted to the Electronic resources department, remain the copyright. Users are responsible for its adherence.

Law  On copyright and related rights


       In case of a breach these requirements, SL SUSU has the right to block access to the electronic resources temporarily. If the violations repeat, the holder of license resources has the right to terminate relevant license agreements unilaterally, and deny the user access to their resources.


Library does not have the right to create and provide to the users electronic copies of the documents,  without express permission 

(Civil Code, Part 4, Art. 1270-1276)


Reproduction is not allowed:

  • Digital copies of documents, without any agreement of copyright holders or license agreement;
  • Full-text of books and music texts;
  • Databases, or its essential parts.

Reproduction allowed:

  • Provision of documents, expressed in digital form on the basis of temporary uncompensated use only within the Library, without any possibility of creating and saving copies of the document in electronic (including digital), optical or other machine-readable form (art. 1274, clause 2);
  • Recording of license databases materials on electronic media;
  • Creation of temporary copies with the purpose of reproduction with the help of technical means; with obligatory printing and destroying of electronic copy;
  • recording documents, created by user (reports, course papers, diplomas, etc.) on electronic media;
  • printing of document fragments and small-scale works from library funds: articles, mass-media materials, abstracts, preprints, etc. (not above 5% of total size, and not more than 15 pages). 




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