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History of the Scientific Library SUSU. Current events.


1943 Evacuation of Stalingradsky technical institute. Chelyabinsk mechanical-engineering institute settles down in a building of present shop of «Detsky Mir» on Lenin's avenue (the former Spartaka street). Library accomodation – 20 m2. Book collection totals about 1000 copies. To the beginning of 1944 there were 320 readers. Date of library opening - December, 15th.


1945-1946 Library and institute received a four-storeyed school building on Timirjazeva street, 10. (Photo) The Library were housed in one of classrooms on the second floor. Library fund is limited, textbooks were checked out only for class hours. These years (1943-1948) the library was managed by Sergey Ivanovich Akimov, the teacher of history by profession.


1947 The reading room on 35 places was opened. (Photo) Along with the educational literature on mechanical engineering, the reading room began to receive magazines according to the specialization of faculties.


1948-1950 F.N. Petrova was admitted head of the library. At this time the size of book stock was 20000, acquisition sum was 48000 rubles, the quantity of users – 800, library staff – 5. A.P. Gerik, Antonina Konstantinovna Khramchenko, Khariessa Grigorievna Skaphenko.


1951-1952 In 1951 the institute is reorganised in polytechnical, there were new faculties and branches. The Library occupied the space of 100 m2 on the ground floor, in a reading room there were  40 seats. Library branches in CMP district and CTP district were created. The construction of the main institute building started. P.A.Melnikova accepted the post of Head of the library.


1953-1954 The library started to develop contacts with city libraries of a and receive books on ILL from Lenin State Libraries. Catalogues for users were created. Library staff extended. Maria Nikitichna Khudyakova, Tamara Mihajlovna Fedorinova, Ljubov Vasilevna Emelina, Agripina Gavrilovna Zaporozhskaya, Emma Pavlovna Kulikovskih started to work in library. L. V.Emelina executed duties of the head of the library since 1954. The hostel ¹ 1 was put in commission. (Photo) On the second floor of  the hostel was opened a reading room with book fund of 5 000 copies.


1955 Ceased the work on the alphabetical and systematic catalogues for users. Books - 92 000, users - 3 841, the library staff - 20 employees.


1956 Library Reading Room moved to the west wing of the constructing main building. Library space in the building of the institute on a Timiryazeva street, 10, expanded. Acquisition of literature  -  A. Bochkovskaya, inventarization -  Zayakin Elizaveta Petrovna, Elena Ivanovna Smekhova begun working at circulation department.


1957 The Library moved from a building on Timiryazeva street 10, to the temporary accommodation of new main building of the institute. Division of acquisition and processing was located in the red corner of the hostel number 1. The new reading room with 200 seats was opened. From the beginning of the new academic year, Liubov Vasilyevna Emelina became the head of the library. To read the microfilms Library purchased «Mikrofot».


1958 For two months the Library had been moving into a new eastern wing of the main building, on a ground floor in the accommodation of Faculty of Energy. Book funds - 154 600, services are fulfilled in the circulation department and two reading rooms. Reading room ¹1 (left wing) provide services to faculty of Automobiles and tractors, Mechanical-technological and mechanical-mathematical faculties,  Reading room ¹2 (right wing) provide services to Construction-engineering, Energy and Electronics’ faculties. 21 departmental library was established. In april Library Council was established at Library. It consisted of 14 persons. The head of the Council was appointed – P.V. Chernogorov.


1959 Construction of the main building of the institute, in which all departments of library compactly should take places came to an end. Additional works were included in a construction plan: manufacturing of wall cases in a reading room for science staff, installation of racks for subsidiary fund in a reading room and so forth. On the picture 1959, July. Library staff, from left to right. The first row,: 1st - A.K.Hramchenko, 2nd - L. V.Emelina, 3rd A.S. Bochkovskaya., etc., the second row: 2nd And. G.Zaporozhskaja, 3rd E. P. Kulikovskih, 6th M.G.Slovohotova, 8th N.B.Salihova, 9th Å. P.Zajakina, the third row: 1st M.N.Khudyakova, 5th E.I.Smehova, 6th G.A.Batalova.


1960 Was conducted work on fund promotion: viewings, thematic book exhibitions, reviews were regularly organised. There were conducted some classes on library-bibliographic knowledge promotion, the stand «Bibliography as an aid to educational and scientific work» was developed. The catalogue of printing works of the faculty of institute was completed. The library was prepared for moving to new location in the central part of the main building of the institute.


1961 The library moved in new location in the central part of the main building. The circulation and book stores settled down in a ground floor. On October, 19th, 1961 the circulation started to serve readers. The reading rooms located on the ground floor had opened for readers on December, 6th.


1962 The Library transferred it’s funds and systematic catalogue in UDC. Differentiate service according to the faculties was organized at the delivery desk. On a monthly basis there were viewings of the new books at the delivery desk.


1963  On the base of the Library there were conducted the first conference of educational institutions libraries’ representatives of southern-ural economic region, in which took part the representatives of Magnitogorsk, Troitsk, Orenburg, Kurgan. Library and Institute celebrated the 20th birthday.


1964 Was being constructed the second building of the Instutute, in which Library got 650 m2 . There would be placed educational literature department for 1-2 year students with a delivery desk and a reading room. Formation of the new department fund was set up. New books viewings were regularly organized in the Library.


1965  The Library got second category, staff was increased by 11 persons. Catalogue hall was set up. For the first year students there were organized some lectures in librarianship and bibliography.


1966 In the 2nd building was opened a department for 1-2 year students. The head of the department was Vera Dmitrievna Barteneva. In the reading room of the scholarly library was organized an open access to the fund. In September there emerged a sector of fiction and mass literature, which was situated on the 5th floor of the main building west wing.


1967 The Library was certified by Methodical Centre of Educational institutions libraries of Chelyabinsk region. Facultative studies in librarianship and bibliography were held with students of  the 1st and 4th courses, with off-campus students of 4th and 5th courses, with postgraduate students of the 1st year and with young teachers. Mobile libraries were used in dormitories.


1969 The Library was certified by the City Methodical Centre of Educational institutions libraries (Ministry of Higher Education Order ¹ 521 from  03.07.1969ã). Automated attendance and circulation accounting was put in. (see CPI Collection of scientific papers ¹64)


1970 A library branch with the fiction fund  was located in students’ dormitory ¹7.


1971 Students of Leningrad’s Institute of Culture did an internship on the base of the Library. Professors and scientists of the Institute often read lectures for the librarians, made reports, shared impressions about trips abroad. A new project of  Library building was worked out. From 27th till 28th of August in Library took place Zonal meeting of Ural Educational institutions libraries Representatives. J.I. Levandovskaya was given a medal “For labour honours”.


1972 Every week in bibliography department there were held Information days, which new library literature was shown at.


1973 An open access was organized in the reading room for senior students. Library celebrated 30th birthday.


1977 Head of the Scientific Library, Emelina Liubov Vasilievna, was given a title of Honored cultural worker of RSFSR.


1978 The Library got first category. The Library became Regional Methodicalal centre of the educational institutions libraries of Chelyabinsk region.


1979 The first Library personnel rating was held.


1981 Julia Vladislavovna Livandovskaya was appointed the Head of the Library. The construction of a new Library building began.


1982-1983 New Library building was being constructed. Scientific literature fund was being formed. Library staff was going to move to a new building.



1984-1985 The Library moved to a new building  - building 3D with book stack for 1 000 000 volumes and reading rooms for 1 100 persns. The reading room of the Educational literature department for 1-2 year students was situated in the central part of the of the main building on the ground floor.


1986. Delivery desk of the Educational literature department for 1-2 year students moved to the basement storey of the main building central part, students’ attendance started in September. J.V. Levandovskaya was awarded an order of “Sign of honour”.


1990 The works on creating of electronic catalogue started.


1991 Library was awarded a status of Scientific Library. The head of the Library, Levandovskaya J.V. was awarded a title of “Honoured cultural worker of RSFSR”.


1992 An access to electronic catalogue with the base of 100 000 bibliographic records was opened for users. In the hall of catalogue and in various library departments was installed a multi-terminal automated complex named ELECAT with the working places for 16 persons.


1993 Development of the library local network on the 1st and the 2nd floors of the library building. Connection of the library network with institutional information network. All Russian conference of the educational institutions libraries workers named “An automatization of library processes” were held on the base of the Library.


1994  Internet access was organized on 4 library computers.


1996 Creation of the library network-server.


1997 Multi-terminal complex ELECAT was installed in Educational literature department.


1998 Irina Petrovna Burger became the Head of the Library. Library development concept study 2005 started, strategic plan of library development 1999-2005 and new structural functional library model were being created. Linguistics and foreign literature department was set up. The library entered the Russian Library Association (RLA) and in Library Assembly Eurasia (LAE). The mechanism of additional off-budget financing of activity of library was created (grants, paid services, contracts, fund-raising, sponsorship, charity, etc.). Library celebrated the 55 anniversary from the date of the foundation.


1999 The concept and the Strategic plan for development of library till 2003 were confirmed by administration. The Public first report on library activity was prepared. Were organized: Innovative-Methodicalal department, Cost-accounting department named "Marketing-service". The literary-poetic society «Student's Parnassus» over which supervised the main librarian L.V.Pejsahova was created. Re-structuring of Methodicalal association of  educational institutions’ libraries of the Chelyabinsk region was fullfilled. There was a realisation grant projects: «Improvement of quality of access of SUSU Scientific library in the Internet» (grant ¹ the PBA 904), «Use of vouchers by the Russian libraries in system international ILL» (grant ¹ AAG 849), "Megaproject" Pushkin library: books for Russian libraries »» (grant ¹ PAA 2308). Access for users of SUSU Scientific Library to full-text databases of the Russian periodicals was organised with use of Internet technologies.


2000 The Information reference centre (IRC) of the library which renders services with use of computers and Internet technologies was created. There was a preparation of full-text databases and the access organisation to them through the Electronic catalogue of library. Realisation of grant projects: «Improvement of quality of access of SUSU Scientific library in the Internet» (grant ¹ the PBA 904), «Working out of electronic collections creation technology for libraries of educational institutions of Southern Ural » (grant ¹ PFD 004), «Open corporate library system of the Chelyabinsk region» (grant ¹ PFC 041).


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