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History of the Scientific Library SUSU. Current events.


2001 Reorganization of Electronic catalogue room. Fund of CD/DVD/Video resources was created. Burger Irina Petrovna, the Head of the library, defended master's thesis on the theme «The organizational structure of the University library in terms of the informational society» in the SPSTL SB RAS. Program of informatisation of the Scientific Library SUSU at 2001 – 2003 and system of quality indicators of the library and it's subsidiaries were developed. Service of electronic document delivery (EDD) organized. The joint European project on the program Tempus Tacis « Europe – Ural. Restructuring the University library system: communication, organization and management» (grant ¹ UM_JEP-22137-2001) was developed. Grant project «Corporate Library System in Chelyabinsk region for information services of higher education in the region and Russia» (grant ¹ HNA 123) realized.



2002 Strategic plan for the development of the library in the 2003 – 2005 was developed. The Digital Library organized. The library joined the Association of Regional Library Consortia (ARBICON). Corporate system «Information and Library Complex of the South Ural State University» formed. Grant project «Improvement of the management of the library complex SUSU and its subsidiaries through the use of information and communication technologies» was developed.


Mobility program of the grant project «» (visits of foreign partners in the library, training library staff in the libraries of the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) and Bochum (Germany) realized.

On the basis of the Social and humanitarian literature reading room and the Delivery desk of fiction created the Department of Social and humanitarian literature.


2003 Program staff mobility grant for the library project «» and «Improvement of the management of the library complex SUSU and its subsidiaries through the use of information and communication technologies» (National Training Foundation), including the visits of foreign partners in the library, training library staff in the libraries of Exeter (United Kingdom) and Bochum (Germany), training in training centers, participation in the international scientific conferences and symposiums realized. The library held its First international scientific-practical conference «Managing changes in the library of the University: the European experience», which was attended by foreign partners from the Universities of Exeter and Bochum. Library got reparatory works for the implementation of the modern integrated ABIS and open access to the funds of Reading rooms. The University and the library celebrated 60 years.




2004 The library held the second international conference on «Management of the development of the University library: new approaches». Digest «The University Libraries of Russia and the West: the path of interaction» published. Two international projects on the grant programs Tempus Tasic and National Training Foundation completed. Organizational and methodical, and documentation ensuring the implementation process of the new library and information technologies: open access to the funds of Reading rooms, bar-coding of assets, integrated ALIS VIRTUA, import bibliographic records for the library’s EC of local and international bibliographic centers – were developed. The Methodical Association of the University libraries in Chelyabinsk region celebrated 35 years. It is headed by the Scientific Library SUSU. Representatives of the literary club «Studencheskiy Parnas», students Yevgenia Korobkova (faculty “Architecture and construction”), Yuliya Linnikova (faculty “Service and light industries”) and Lilia Kuleshova, the chief librarian of the Scientific Library SUSU became the winners at the Russian Youth Arts Festival «With the century of a par».




2005 Reading rooms with free access to the information resources and the literature: scientific and technical issues, economics, publications in foreign languages, electronic resources opened. The new integrated ALIS VIRTUA in pilot mode. The introduction of the new library and information technologies: services in terms of open access to resources, methods of processing the funds in security tags and barcode labels, automated forms of services, work with the modules of the information system VIRTUA. The library acquired access to online full text Russian and foreign resources. The project «The information resources promotion to the users» realized. Study materials delivery desk for off-campus students opened.




2006 «Professorsky» Reading room opened. It included zones: rapid, differentiated services, Recent acqisitions hall with free access to the informational resources of the library and hall with access to electronic informational resources. «Modernization Program of the library logistical base» realized. The translation of basic manufacturing processes for integrated ALIS VIRTUA (the implementation in the industrial mode - process of cataloging, in the experimental mode - process of issuing electronic publications). The new library and information technologies: registration and accounting of users, electronic check funds, and electronic order of the publication introduced.




2007 Card readers catalogs were laid from January 01, 2007. Electronic catalogue room 2 in the main building of the University opened in February, and Electronic catalogue room 1 had the reconstruction and upgrading of the hardware and opened in September. There was organized the new access to the electronic catalog, on the basis of ALIS VIRTUA in Electronic catalogue room 1. Restructuring of the library collections on the branch principle realized, there were two delivery desks: the social and humanitarian literature, and natural sciencies and technical literature. New version of the library site available. After reconstruction the Reference information department with free access to the fund opened.





2008  Change of library administration upon an initiative of the university head Shestakov A.L. Smolina S.G. was appointed the Head of the

library (March, 2008). Site of the library included «Virtual reference service» and «SUSU memorial dates calendar». Interregional Scientific and

Practical Conference "Managing Changes in the university library", dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the SL SUSU took place was held in the

library. Council of young specialists was organized. 




2009    The restructuring of the rare books fund was finished by forming of rare book collection - specific, subject, chronological, memorial.

The most valuable part of the collection – Western European publications  of XIX – early XX. Description and studying of this collection showed,

 that several books had been owned by the library of Alexander’s (former Tsarskoselskiy) liceum, some  -are rare books of the 1st quarter of XIX

 century and other unique rarities. The course for post-graduate students «Information competency for researchers» was held in the library – 72 hours.

In November there was a Regional interdepartmental research-to-practice conference «Work with rare books in libraries, museums and archives of South Ural».

 Library personnel participated in all-russian professional competitions.





2010    Rare books exhibition «Our Tolstoy L.N.: Chelyabinsk’s book jewels» in Art hall of SUSU.  III Annual meeting of VTLS users russian group,

held on the base of the library. Personal library of the historian Nepein I,G. was included in library funds.  Creation of  SL SUSU group in Vkontakte social network


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