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History of the Scientific Library SUSU. Major events.



2011    The conference "Modern User of the University Library: Information Environment and Information Behavior" was held. The SUSU Electronic Archive project was being implemented on the basis of DSpace software using Dublin Core format for data description. The modernization and improvement of the library's technological processes on the basis of ILS VIRTUA is in progress: the module "Serial Editions Management" on the basis of the holding records has been introduced; processing of the active part of the book fund with barcodes has been completed; electronic book-retrieval has been introduced in all service departments; the " Summary fund accounting books of SL SUSU" is kept in electronic format. Data on the publication activity of university employees is collected using various scientific citation systems. The analysis of existing ELSs is carried out.




2012    Improvement of the library's technological processes on the basis of ILS VIRTUA continues: writing off documents,  withdrawing from the library fund, the barcoding of periodicals has begun, introduction of an electronic book release on the NSTL lending desk, card index of users with debts have been transferred to ILS VIRTUA. Analysis of technological capabilities of the new version of ILS VTLS Chamo is carried out. The library has subscribed to the electronic library system of "Lan" publishing house. The service "Night lending desk" was renewed - lending of books from the funds of reading rooms for a short-term free of charge. The library's social network pages are created on Facebook and Twitter.


2013    SUSU authors' publications are registered in DB RCCI via Science Index information-analytical system. Representatives of the faculties are trained to work in the Science Index. The library regularly prepares lists of publication activity of SUSU staff using russian and foreign science citation systems. Consolidated bibliometric data are provided to the Research and Development Department and the Rectorate. The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference «University Library in the Modern Information Environment», dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the SL of SUSU was held. In June, for the first time, a game event for students was held – the quest «Twilight in the library», that has received many positive feedbacks and assessments. On April 25, Yulia Levandovskaya, who worked in the library for 50 years and headed it from 1981 to 1997, passed away. Biobibliographic indeces «South Ural State University: History and Modernity. 1943-2013» and «I.G. Nepein's personal library catalog» have been prepared. The blast wave from the Chelyabinsk meteorite that fell on February 15 damaged about 80% of the windows in the library. By the beginning of the academic year they were all replaced with new plastic ones. 




2014    Complex information support of scientific and educational events of the Law Faculty (conferences, seminars, round tables, Olympiads) with the use of book exhibitions and views, presentations of electronic resources, information and promotional printed materials. In total, more than 30 joint events "Legal Information Sphere" were attended by more than 3,000 people. A training seminar "Work with author profiles: linking publications and citations" was held for SUSU faculty, institutes and branch employees. A series of intelligent games (quests) called «The trail of Da Vinci», organized for freshmen as a reader initiation.



2015    Research by D.M. Khafizov, senior librarian on «Use of network technologies as a tool to stimulate reader’s activity in the university library» won 1st place in the competition of young scientists in the area of literacy and reading at IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Reading and Literacy in Education and Culture: New Names in the New Century". The modernization and improvement of technological processes of the library on the basis of integrated ILS VIRTUA is going on, namely: prompt informing of readers via e-mail about the end of the period of use of the item, the formation of the "Electronic Inventory Book" on the basis of information from the subsystem InfoStation (statistics management). Events to promote reading are organized: quests based on the book "Metro 2033" by D. Glukhovsky «The Great Library», "I love reading" book-crossing event.


2016    Yakovleva N.O., translator of SL SUSU started working as a consultant of SUSU Academic writing office within the framework of the Project 5-100. The Electronic Resources Hall now has equipment for servicing visitors with disabilities. Cultural and leisure activities of the library: «Mafia» game for students of SUSU was organized with Chelyabinsk mafia game club «ShowTime» within the framework of the All-Russian campaign "Biblionight 2016", «Slavic alphabet day» in online format, «Overtone evening» and other.


2017    Director of the Science Library S. G. Smolina defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences on "Development of information competence of students in the university library". The library wins a grant from Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation for the implementation of the project "Publish correctly!", which increases the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the publishing activity of the university's scientific and pedagogical staff through an educational course in the system of professional development. The work on integration of ILS SL SUSU with the corporate information-analytical system of the University (EIS) "Univeris" begins: the service of remote re-registration of library users is introduced, the formation of lists of literature for academic course working programs in personal offices of university employees is automated. A joint event with the General Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Chelyabinsk Region is being held under the title «AntiH&W or informal talk on safety».


2018    The scientific and practical conference «Library - Scientific Communication - University», dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the methodical association of Chelyabinsk region higher education institutions (founded in 1969) and the 75th anniversary of the SUSU National Library. Senior librarian of SL SUSU Khafizov D.M. completed his thesis  for a PhD in cultural studies on " Socio-cultural practices to increase the readership of young people: stimulating fashion opportunities ". Printing of library tickets from the personal office of the librarian in the EIS "Univeris". As part of the creation of a unified electronic environment of the university, the service of checking the author's works in the system "Antiplagiarism" through personal user accounts in "Univeris" was introduced. The "Rare Book Hall" was opened, equipped with the necessary equipment and providing services to users.


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