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Projects activities of SL SUSU


Scientific Library SUSU pays great attention to the prospects of its development, through all possibilities to achieve the purposes. One of the most effective tools in this process is the project activities, aimed to obtain the additional funds for innovation. From this perspective, grant activities are considered by the library as an effective source of financing for library development.

Library is actively engaged the development of grant projects since 1996. During this period had been prepared 32 projects, 16 of them received financial support totaling to $ 567 500.

 Funds received of the project activities were directed:


-      to development of its library and information resources: creation of the Digital library with full-text documents, updating the library fund of the most valuable and expensive editions; acquisition of the publications on CD / DVD, videotapes, etc.

-      to organize and provide new services, based on modern information and communication technologies for users: organization of the Electronic document delivery service, international ILL;

-      to creation of the corporate library and information products, services and technologies: creation of the Open corporate library system of the region, Central catalog of the region libraries;

-      to modernization of computer and network equipment;

-      to improve users' access to library resources through the Internet, etc.


Among the funds, that had provided support for the library, projects were:


-        program TEMPUS/TACIS, the European Union;

-        National Training Foundation (NTF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;

-        Russia Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR);

-        International Library Association (ILA);

-        Library Endowment Fund;

-        Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation, Russia);

-        Fund Margaret Thatcher;

-        Fund of State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (SIITT) "Informica", etc.


The joint project radically changed the technological level of the Scientific Library processes with effective access to information technologies, advanced software and hardware.

The most significant projects of the library are:


Name of the project, grant


Country - partner

Donor, grantor


Purpose of the project


Major activities

Period execution


Total funding



«Improving access of the Scientific Library to Internet »


Open Society Institute/ Soros Foundation, Russia

Upgrading parts of SUSU network, which are used to provide the library access to non-profit Internet service provider

Acquisition of active network equipment.

Acquisition of fiber optic cable and passive networking equipment.

Works on laying optic cable.

November 15, 1999

November 15, 2000

$ 8 515

«Development of the technology for creation the electronic collections for the South Urals educational organizations libraries»


Open Society Institute/ Soros Foundation, Russia

Improving the information and library support for research and educational processes of the South Ural universities, through the development and introduction in SL SUSU the technology of Digital library with full-text versions of universities publications.

Creation a prototype of the Digital library system software.

Development of the technology for making the electronic versions of universities publications.

Creation a test information file of the electronic versions of universities publications.

Acquisition of software (FineReader, AVP) and workstation.

October 01, 2000

October 01, 2001

$ 3 466

«Open corporate library system of the Chelyabinsk region»


Open Society Institute/ Soros Foundation, Russia

Improving the information services in the region through the process of joint creation, storage and open access to the information resources of the libraries and other information centers, Chelyabinsk region.

Software development Z39.50 – server.

Acquisition of computer equipment.

Works on the creation of a central electronic catalog.

Mobility program.

January 30, 2001

January 30, 2002

$ 12 530

«Corporate library system of the Chelyabinsk region for providing  information services to higher and secondary education in the region and Russia»



Open Society Institute/ Soros Foundation, Russia

Creation new information resources for education and organization free access to them via Internet.

Creation of subject bibliographic databases on the history, ecology, economics, law and business.

Creation a full-text database of regional newspapers of early 20-th century.

Replenishment of the full-text database of abstracts and SUSU academic and methodical guides.

April 01, 2002

April 01, 2003

$ 17 500


«Europe-Urals. Restructuring the University library systems: communication, organization, and management»

Great Britain, Germany

Program TEMPUS /TACIS, European Union

Development of man, , aging structures SL SUSU.

The introduction of modern administrative and information technologies.

Staff development.

Modernization of the SL SUSU structure.

Creation a development of library management system plan, strengthening its resources and staff development.

Creation of a plan for full SL SUSU automation.

Acquisition of an office equipment and computer equipment.

The internship program with the libraries of Great Britain and Germany for the SL SUSU staff and university administration.

The internship program in the libraries of Tomsk and Kemerovo state universities for the SL SUSU technical staff.

April 20, 2002

April 20, 2004

ˆ 292 300


«Improving the management of the SUSU library information center and its branches through information and communication technologies»



NTF – National Training Foundation,  

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Transformation of SUSU library information center and its branches to provide new access level to all types of library resources for students and university staff.

The introduction of modern specialized library software.

Creation of a system of open access to library fund.

Creation of the Digital library.

The introduction of new information services: corporate cataloging, electronic document delivery.

Acquisition of ÀLIS company software  - Virtua VTLS, USA.

Acquisition of office equipment and computer equipment.

Acquisition of furniture and library equipment.

Renovation and reequipment of the library.

Modernization of the local network.

Development of an automated information system.

Development of methodological, organizational and technological documents for the SL SUSU departments modernization.

Education and participation in seminars and conferences on the territory of Russia (training centers in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk).

Education and participations in seminars and conferences abroad (Urbana Champaign - USA; Barcelona - Spain; Hurghada - Egypt; Wurzburg - Germany; Sudak - Ukrain).

September 02, 2002

December 31, 2004

$ 200 000




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