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Chairs’ consultants


Documents and instructions


«On approval of the Model provisions on the formation of the University library funds»: Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation ¹ 1246 from April 27, 2000

«On the employee appointment from the chairs that responsible for the library work»: Order of the Rector of SUSU ¹ 92 dated April 27, 2007.

«The work of the chair’s professor that responsible for the library work»: Order of the Rector of SUSU ¹ 3367 dated August 15, 2008.

Statement of the library chairs’ consultant: Approved by the Rector of SUSU on September 25, 2008

Statement 1. Application for the science books purchase

Statement 2. Information support form of the academic activity

Statement 3. Application for the organization of the exhibition (performance)

Statement 4. Consultant’s work report

Memory card for the SUSU chairs’ consultant

Electronic order of the books from the SL SUSU fund: Instructions

Interlibrary loan / electronic document delivery


Forms for collecting the information on the availability of literature


Instruction for filling  

Table (Form 1)



Execution of the applications for the publications purchase


Application for the many copies of educational literature purchase to the SL SUSU fund.
Check the availability of the publication in the SL SUSU fund through the electronic catalog, when making an application. Quantity of the publications is determined according to the standards, established the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation ¹ 1246 from April 27, 2000.

Applications for the purchase of the publications at the expense of the University units:

books: form 2

periodicals: form 3

Applications for the publications purchase for the branches and departments that have accounts:

– books: form 2à

– periodicals: form 3à




New acquisitions of the library presented in the Recent acquisitions hall regularly. Change of exposure performed twice a month, the first and third Monday. Another change in the exhibition is on January, 19. You can make a request to purchase additional copies of publications for training purposes.

Catalogs of leading foreign publishing houses is carried out in the Linguistic and foreign literaturó reading room, you can order the Library of scientific and academic literature in English and German on all branches of knowledge. We invite professors and university staff to get acquainted with the catalogs and place their order for the required publication.






Publications for professionals in the field of ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, sewerage, heating and heat.

Academia, publishing center

Psychology, philology, history, philosophy, sociology, culture, science, computer science, physical education and sports, medicine, security, life sciences, law, tourism, technology and engineering

Akademkniga, publishing and bookselling center RAS

publishes educational, scientific and non-fiction, reference, and translated literature, for academics, university students, the research and design institutes, publishes literature on the theory and practice of science, industry and economy, such as metallurgy, machine building transport, chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, ecology, geology.




Architecture, construction

Àspect-Press, publisher

Psychology, political science, world politics, journalism, television, radio, history, philology, literature, management, advertising, public relations, tourism, sociology, geography, ecology, biology, finance, economics, philosophy, law

Bolshaya rossiyskaya encyclopedia

publishing house specializes in the production of encyclopedic and reference books

Bolshaya rossiyskaya encyclopedia


Vyshaya shkola

Teaching and reference literature in all branches of knowledge

Izdatel’stvo MGIU

publications on all branches of knowledge

Izdatel’stvo MEI

electrical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, radio engineering, electrical, heating engineer, materials science, ecology, physics, applied mathematics

Internet Engendering


Kolos, publisher

agricultural books

Mashinostroenie, scientific and technical publisher

Educational, scientific and reference literature in all engineering disciplines.

Mir gornoy knigi, association (publishing house of the Moscow State Mining University and «Gornaya kniga»)


MISiS,  publishing house of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys



Philosophy. Psychology. Religion. Theology. Social Sciences. Math. Science. Applied Science. Medicine. Tech. Art. Arts and crafts. Photo. Music. Games. Sports. Linguistics. Philology. Literature. Geography. Biographies. History.

Novoe znanie, publishing group


Omega-L, group of the companies


Professional, publisher

Publisher produces reference and scientific and technical literature on chemical, oil and gas, metallurgy, environment for professionals in different industries

Ruda i metally

mining, metallurgy

Slovo, philological society

Publisher produces encyclopedic, teaching, reference, education, enrichment and special literature, a variety of books on language: phrase books, dictionaries, textbooks, and scientific and popular publications

Solon-Press, publishing house

books on computers and programming, computer design and graphics, also literature on automated systems design and modeling, radio

Sportivnaya kniga, trading house

books on physical culture, sport, fitness, healthy lifestyles, etc.

Teplotehnik, publisher

metallurgic books


literature for the oil and gas complex


If you have any questions, please contact the Acquisition department of SL SUSU, Tel. 267-94-06


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