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 Recent acquisitions search in electronic catalogue

For searching of recent acquisitions on the indicated topic over a particular period of time in electronic catalogue, use Combined search



Filling in search form


       1. In the first string choose search field «Acquisitions for period» form the pull-down menu

2. Enter search term.

For search for particular  day, for example, 17th of April 2008: «080417»

For search for particular month, for example, April 2008: «0804*»

For search for particular year, for example, 2008 : «08*»

3. In the second string choose field «Subject» from the pull-down menu

4. Enter search term – word or phrase, for example, «Juridical sciences» or with truncation «jurid*»

5. In the third string choose field –«Year of publication»

6. Enter search term, for example, «2008»



7. Press «Search»

Note!  If you won’t set publication year, the list will consist of bibliographic records, entered in catalogue in April 2008 without reference to publication year.



 List of records, picked by the system according to your query will appear on a screen.

 The list can be:

1. Sorted, using function Sorting




 2. Browsed, using screen navigation




 3. Saved to cart:



 Work with CART




3.1. Choose mark «Save»

3.2. Push the button «Accept»


4. The next screen will open. From that screen you can do the following actions with the list:


4.1. Save as file

4.2. Copy to Microsoft Word

4.3. Print as file or Microsoft Word Document

4.4. Send to e-mail





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