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Public report SL SUSU for 2018-2019 academic year


Main year’s events


       Realization of the Programme of formation and popularization of informational resources among readers

       Compilation of publication activity lists of SUSU academic staff and cadre, using Russian and international scientific citation indexes. The bibliometric data was provided for SUSU Office of research and development SUSU.

       Organization and hosting of the All-russian scientific-practical conference «Library – scientific communication – university», dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the methodology association of Chelyabinsk region university libraries and 75th anniversary of SUSU Scientific Library. Members of the library staff presented 8 reports.

       Participation in organization of the competition «University book» (2013-2018) and organization of the exhibition, showing outstanding scientific works of university scientists, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of SUSU.

       Participation of  All-russian scientific-practical conference «Morgenstern readings –2018. Library Information Services in a Changing Social Environment: Trends, Innovations, Prospects», September, 2018. Members of library staff  - Legenchuk M.V., Sofina M.N., Fattakhova A.A. presented 2 reports.

       Participation in All-Russian (with international participation) scientific conference «Book culture of the region: historical experience and modern practice», November, 2018   with a report of Struina E.K.

       Publication of 4 articles, written by library staff in central and regional professional periodicals.

       Organization of  scientific-practical seminar and master-class, held by representatives of Elsevier company with issuance of personal certificates for the members of university staff.

       Organization of practical seminar «How to publish a journal?» from publishing house «Grebennikov».

       Using of electronic Reader’s ID cards data for printing of Reader’s IDs for 1st year students.

       The organization of the Rare Book Hall, equipped with all the necessary equipment and providing services to users.

       Connection to the automated library service technology for the branch library at CHMZ district, issuing personal ILS VIRTUA license for the branch.

       English language courses for the library staff.

       Organization and keeping of two creative students’ evenings “Kvartirnik” together with Office of extracurricular activities, in which creative teams of the city took part.

       Equipment for comfortable seating areas with soft sofas and poufs in the reading rooms.

       Equipment for 16 working places with tables and power sockets for independent work of users in the catalog room.

Year statistics

User service

       Number of users (readers)                                                                              30 598

       Total number of users, who had taken services  at all library points                    134 210

       Number of visits                                                                                            268 455

       Daily visits                                                                                                    926

       Document circulation                                                                                     5 255 134

       Daily document circulation                                                                            18 120

       Number of completed information requests                                                     52 460

       Number of consultation                                                                                51 241

       User training (number of academic hours of classes)                                       997

       Number of organized exhibitions and views                                                    214

       Number of mass events held                                                                         65

Informational resources

       LIC Fund/SL (storage unit)                                                                           2 381 699/ 1 936 277

o    including collection of documents on computer readable media                     9 181

       Electronic catalog (number of bibliographic records)                                        516 369

       Electronic library (number of full-text documents)                                           12 765

       Amount of online electronic resources available to the library:

o    Number of licensed (subscribed) DB                                                          18

o    number of available documents 

§  books                                                                                     52 235

§  journals                                                                               41238                                           

Facilities and resources

       Number of personal computers                                                                      174

o    Including for readers                                                                                 136

       Number of automated workplaces with access to electronic catalog                   72

       Number of university information network workstations,

connected to the library server                                                                      400

       Number of seats in reading rooms                                                                 435

       LIC Fund/SL staff                                                                                       68 / 56





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