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SL SUSU Public report for 2015-2016 academic year


Main events of the year

    Realization of the Formation and promotion program of electronic resources to user

    Modernization and development of technological library processes on the basis of the integrated ALIS VIRTUA:

o    Quick provision of information for the users about close termination of the item usage period via e-mail.

o    Formation of «Electronic registration book» on the basis of information, received from the InfoStation subsystem (statistics management)

    Provision of publication services. Monitoring of the publication activity for SUSU authors

o    List making within the framework of the Project 5-100:

§  International science conferences in 2016, indexed by Web of Science and Scopus,

§  Foreign publishers for the publication of monographs,

§  Subject journals in Scopus with the rating index of the publication source.

o    Provision of publication services for researchers on the basis of the updated site page «For researchers».

o    Consultations on the choice of foreign journals for publication of science and innovation activity results of the university researchers

o    Organization of seminars of the Thomson Reuters, Elsevier representatives for the academic staff of the university, concerning the questions of the publications in international journals.

o    Making lists of SUSU academic staff and personnel publication activity with the help of Russian and international systems of science citation. Presentation of the bibliometric data to SUSU Department of science and innovation activity.

     Information support for scientific and academic events in SUSU:

o    Organization of book exhibition for post-graduate students within the framework of science forum «SUSU Science» 

o Complex information support of scientific and academic events of Law faculty with the help of book exhibitions and reviews, electronic resources presentations, information and advertisement printed materials

o    Information support of the 69th student’s science conference, History Faculty, Philosophy section (book exhibition and presentation of the subject information resources)

     Reading promotion events

o    Organization of quests for students

§  Quest «The great library» for the 1st course students

§  Quest «The mysterious kidnapping» for the student of the Law faculty and the participants of the 12th 12 research-to-practice conference, made in cooperation with Law faculty

o    Organization of the campaign «I love to read», with element of book-crossing

o    Organization of Biblionight-2016 Mafia game in cooperation with Chelyabinsk Mafia club ShowTime and students of the university.

o    Presentation of library resources at the V International forum «Future Engineers-2015», Miass, territory of the complex «Sunny Valley» (19-26.07 2015).

       Participation of the library personnel in research-to-practice conferences, seminars, webinars:

o    The third international intellectual forum «Reading on the Eurasia crossroads», September, 2015. Reports of Khafizov D.M., Legenchuk M.V., Sofina M.N., Morgunova O.V., Pavlyukevich E.A.

o    Inter-regional research-to-practice seminar «Regional aspects of rare books fund work organization», November, 2015. Report of Struina E.K.

o    Participation in webinars NEICON and online seminars Thomson Reuters.

o    Organization of the seminar with the representative of “Lan” publishing house for the library and university personnel

      Organization of  practical training for the 2nd course students of the chair «Russian language and literature» on the base of the library and cooperative organization of «Slavic writing and culture day» in on-line format.

Annual statistics

User services

          Number of user                                                                                 34 526

          Number of users, attended in all library departments                               184 406

          Number of visits                                                                                358 883

          Daily visits                                                                                       1 229

          Circulation                                                                                       2 027 592

          Daily circulation                                                                                 6 943

          Number of completed information requests                                             61 496

          Number of consultations                                                                      54 433

          User training (academic hours)                                                             408

          Number exhibitions and displays                                                            345

          Number of public events                                                                      49

Information resources

       Fund of LIC/SL (storage units)                                                              2 829 397 / 2 066 932

o    including digital documents sources                                                     8 733

       Electronic catalogue (number of bibliographic records)                               521 262

       Electronic library (number of full-text documents)                                     11 970

       Online electronic resources, accessible in library:

o    number of subscribed DB                                                                   25

o    number of accessible documents 

§  books                                                                                 50 534

§  journals                                                                              35 905


Material resources

      Number of personal computers                                                                                                         172

o    including, accessible for users                                                                                                      136

      Number of automated working places of access to Electronic catalogue                                                   72

      Number of working stations of the university information network, connected to the library server                                                                                                                                                                                 400

       Number of seats in reading rooms                                                                                                    741

       Personnel of LIC/SL                                                                                                                      111 / 83

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