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List of additional library-bibliographic and informational services offered for charge.


Library service

1. Registration and execution of a library ID for outside users

2. Execution of duplicate library ID

3. Using literature of delivery desks over the terms established by "Instructions for use of SUSU AL»

4. Service for outside users in reading rooms

5. Delivery of publications from library reading room fund for temporary use (2 days) on security basis

6. Reissuanse:

– of damaged book or library ID bar-code

– of damaged facilities in digital resources departments

Reference - bibliographic and informational service

7. Formation of inquiry search-image

8. Sophisticated search of bibliographic or full-text information

9. Creating of the bibliography list, from the literature, which have been selected by user (ordering, editing, formalization)

10. Bibliographic editing and formalization of bibliography lists for scientific and study works

Services with use of the personal computer, means of input and output of the information and other equipment

11. Printing

12. Computer-aided typesetting

13. Providing of the computer for work in a local and network mode

14. Video viewing

15. Listening audiocassettes

16. Work and printing documents from full-text databases (for outside users)

17. Translating documents form full-text DB (English, Spanish languages),

Public events realization

18. Library excursions

19. Organization of the off-site exhibition (viewing) of the literature on the indicated topic.

Consulting. Training

20. Consulting and practical help to libraries concerning library work

21. The organization of methodical help to library workers directly on places in their libraries (for high school libraries free of charge)

22. Carrying out of individual training of experts in library concerning library work (for high school libraries free of charge)

23. Providing of regulating, methodical and other documentation prepared in library for acquaintance

Note:  X-copying services on library territory are given by the outside commercial organization 


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