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List of main library-bibliographic and information services to the students and University staff of the SL SUSU for free.


The Scientific Library of the South Ural State University provides the following free basic types of library bibliographic and information services to students, professors, postgraduates, doctoral students, researchers, staff of the SUSU departments, and laboratories of the University:


1.    Complete information on the library’s funds and the distribution of the specific documents through the catalogs, bibliographic fields, and other forms of the library information;

2.    Consults in the finding and selecting of the publications and other documents;

3.    Issuance of the publications and other documents from the library’s funds in the Reading Rooms and the Circulations for the temporary use;

4.    Issuances for the temporary use the publications and other documents, obtained by the system of the interlibrary loan from other libraries in the city, region, and country;

5.    Compilation of the bibliographies to help the research and academic work of the University;

6.    Fill the simple (not complex) bibliographic and factual references;

7.   Conduct the bibliographic surveys, organization the exhibitions and views of the literature, «Information days», «Chairs’ days» etc.;

8.    Prolongation of the publications use according the established procedure.


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