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Interlibrary loan / electronic document delivery (EDD)



Service EDD is up and delivery of electronic copies of the documents by e-mail, bibliographic search and consulting services. Funds of our library and of the major libraries and information centers of Russia are at your service. This service is paid. 


The procedure for using the service EDD

  • Deposits are issued the order form, separately for each requested publication, but not more than 30% of publications. Checkout can be also directly in SL SUSUContacts.
  • After the order processing, the Customer is informed about the order and its value.
  • The Customer is issued an invoice after the confirmation of the payment, the technical conditions and method of transportation of the copies specify. Copies are performed in graphical formats TIFF, GIF, JPG. Separately specify additional wishes of the Customer.
  • An order is executed beforehand agreed, after the confirmation of the payment.
  • Deadline of 3 days (depending on complexity). The cost of an order consistent with the customer further, when it is using the EDD services of other libraries,


Order payment 


You can pay at the Delivery desk of scientific literature SL SUSU, or transfer money to the account of the library Details (in this case, you must send scanned copy of the payment order by e-mail). Your order will be granted to the customer upon the confirmation of the payment.


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