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Subject and topic information search

(Information search tips in SUSU Library)


1.    Formulate the topic of request and it’s aim (report, paper, diploma project, thesis, etc.)

2.   Compose search image of request – translate the topic of request into informational and search language (ISL), i.e. present the topic as separate search terms (key words). Any word or phrase could be search terms:

·         noun (single or plural);

·         phrase (adj. + noun; noun + noun);

·         arabic numbers, etc;

·         proper names;

·         chronological data;

·         abbreviations;

·         foreign words, etc.

Additional information!

o        You should not use all the phrase as search terms (key words) –topic of the report, paper, diploma project, etc. other way your search could be ineffective.

o        In case of failure alter your request, devide it into single key words, change them by their synonyms. For that purpose use universal and field vocabularies, reference books and encyclopedias.

3.       Browse electronic catalogue and find all publications from SUSU library funds, related to the topic you are interested in.

Additional information!

o      Begin your work with the catalogue from studying HELP links. At first look through the link “Before start your search”, than through the links Electronic catalogue content.

4.       Find electronic resources related to your topic. Electronic resources complex of AL SUSU includes:

·         license full-text databases, which university is annually subscribed to;

·         network resources of free access in the appropriate field, which were found by the library staff;

·         Media-library – fund of documents on machine readable medium (video, CD, DVD, etc). Subjects of that fund are universal and include electronic and audiovisual documents, related to social sciences, natural and technical sciences as well as feature and popular science films.

·         Digital library – includes collections of full-text documents:

- educational and methodic SUSU publications – network access;

- license electronic copies of printed publications – local access.

- thesis abstracts – network access;

5.      Address resources  of State system of scientific and technical information (SSSTI). Define the circle of informational SSSTI publications related to your topic and browse them

Additional information!

SSSTI is complex of informational organizations and academic-technical libraries, specialized in gathering and processing of scientific-technical information.

o  Basic types of current (periodical) informational publications: abstract journal. Review information, express-information, current bibliographic  indexes, etc.

o        Information about availability of these publications in the library is reflected in the catalogue

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