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Virtual Information Desk (VID) of SL SUSU



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VID provides services on the basis of the Statute of the Virtual Information Desk SL SUSU
VID SL SUSU provides services to library users: students, graduate students, professors and university staff.


The service accepts requests from the universal themes and performs references:

           Address: the availability of domestic and foreign editions in the Library;

          Specifying: requiring specification of bibliographic description document (book title, information about the author, year of publication, etc.);

        Case: realized by using the resources available to the library and do not require a complex bibliographic search;

          Factographic: containing background information on specific objects, concepts, facts, persons, etc.


Does not consider:

          inadequately formulated inquiries;

          requests for consulting on legal matters;

          requests for entertainment-related information;

          inquiries related to commercial information.


The information is provided in 2 business days. Inquiries are processed on the 'first come first served' basis.


The answer is submitted at specified e-mail address.

You can use the Library Online Catalog, as well as view the Archive Information.

Feedback on the VID can leave in our Guestbook.

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